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Outdoor Storage Sheds

There are several good reasons to choose outdoor workshops as an outbuilding to house your tools and machinery. Outbuilding provides reasonable storage solutions when space in your garage is limited. You also get a protected workspace from other elements such as rain, the elements, and noise from vehicles. Outdoor workshops can be made to order using specialist metal fabrication and joinery for the perfect outdoor workplace. If you need additional workspace, consider outdoor workshops as a permanent addition to your home to maximize space and create an attractive place to work and play.


Outbuildings are usually regarded as permanent development, not requiring planning permission, however subject to the following limitations and requirements: No outbuilding on inland land forward of a footwall forming the main height. Outbuildings and garages are only single-story without overhangs and with a maximum height of two meters and a minimum eaves height of two—no building within 100mm of the ground. Where there is a patio or driveway, there should be no water drainage. To avoid moisture seeping into your outdoor building from outside, the walls should be treated to prevent rainwater accumulation. In addition, the roof should be treated and sloped away from the building to prevent water from accumulating on it.

If you’re looking for a flexible, cheap, efficient, and secure outdoor building, outdoor workshops can cater to your needs. Depending on the size of your workshop, you can purchase a fully furnished or prefabricated workshop that will provide all the functions and facilities you require. Alternatively, you could opt for a do-it-yourself shed or garage, which can be constructed quickly with prefabrication sheets and delivered ready to assemble (RTA). A prefabricated shed can also save you considerable time and money as you don’t have to wait for materials and spend time measuring and cutting your wood.

When planning permission is required for your shed or workshop, you must ensure that you obtain planning permission before constructing a workshop outside your home. Planning permission can only be obtained for an outbuilding if it is to be used solely for your business, for your home purposes and if the shed will generate sufficient revenue to justify its cost. Planning permission will also need to be obtained before constructing a garage, workshop, or other structure because the outbuilding is placed on your land.

If you’re considering an open-air container or shed, moisture may be a significant issue. Hence, it’s essential to research the feasibility of your choice and how well it can withstand any moisture issues. While a plastic outbuilding is highly resilient, plastic doesn’t create any body heat. Therefore, it doesn’t fare well when exposed to extreme temperatures and has the potential to rot. Wood is a better choice if you plan to use your outdoor building to extend your home, as it’s highly durable, lightweight, and relatively easy to maintain.

Another critical factor that makes outdoor storage sheds extremely popular is their flexibility. You can construct your shed to meet your specific needs and specifications. Depending on the type of materials used and the location of your shed, the construction may require little or no foundation. In addition, if you need to site your outdoor storage shed in a damp environment, you can easily add a waterproof layer over the entire building.

An outdoor storage shed can also be designed to accommodate your specific hobbies and activities. For example, wooden decks used for bird watching aren’t susceptible to rotting when exposed to humidity. If you are more interested in an aesthetic appeal, you can purchase vinyl outdoor storage sheds. With their varying colors and materials, there’s a shed outbuilding that’s right for just about any budget.

Before purchasing any outdoor structure, one important thing to consider is to ensure that it’s built according to local building laws. Not all outbuildings are designed to withstand being placed in specific locations. This is particularly true with parks, where structures are often assembled far from public access. Before you invest any money into purchasing an outdoor shed, make sure that it meets all of the legal requirements for its intended use. You can find valuable information about the legalities of various locations, including building codes, in magazines and newspapers. If you’re planning to relocate a storage structure, it’s always best to consult with your local planning authority.

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